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St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson has been nominated for the Fed Ex player of the week. Vote for him HERE!

SJax played his best game of the year, gaining 159 yards on the ground and an additional 32 yards receiving. His two TDs were the major factor in the Rams huge upset of the New Orleans Saints. It was great to see him step up in a leadership roll when his teammates began to make mental miscues. His now famous video clip of him chewing out Rodger Safford after he jumped prior to the snap is something his fellow players won't soon forget.

He is now second all time in total yardage by running backs for the Rams franchise, and still going strong. Preseason thoughts that Jackson had little left in his tank, after years of pounding, have gone by the wayside. Let's face it, Steven Jackson is an absolute beast on the field, and a crucial component to future Rams success.

Here's to you SJ39! Now hit the link and VOTE!