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NFL Week 5: Patriots-Jets Leads Afternoon Slate

The afternoon games are underway in the NFL. It's week five. The NFC has mixed results today.

The Seattle Seahawks upset the New York Giants, a team that the St. Louis Rams could not overcome in week two on Monday night. The Arizona Cardinals were throttled by the Minnesota Vikings, thanks in part to three rushing touchdowns from Adrian Peterson. 

This afternoon, Tom Brady and Wes Welker take on the New York Jets. San Franciso hosts the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they look to build their lead in the NFC West. 

The Eagles lost again today, to the Buffalo Bills this time. Andy Reid's dream team has yet to win a game since beating the Rams in week one of the season. Vick's four interceptions bring his season total to seven, topping his six interceptions thrown all last season. What a terrible year for the Eagles...and a good reminder of how bad the Rams have played so far.