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NFL Draft notes - late college open thread

Are Rams scouts at Michigan-Northwestern to  watch C David Molk?
Are Rams scouts at Michigan-Northwestern to watch C David Molk?

  The Red River Shootout was hardly a shootout. Georgia Tech got through an unexpectedly tough Maryland challenge. Brick Top's Illini started off slow against Indiana, but eventually warmed up to the challenge (much like West Virginia against Connecticut).

  The real surprise of the morning, however, was Florida State's loss to Wake Forest. The Seminoles have now firmly established themselves as the biggest disappointment of the 2011 college football season. You could likely make a case for FSU DE Brandon Jenkins as the most disappointing top prospect of the season. Another time, another place. For now, let's look forward.

  Auburn takes on Arkansas in the final game on this week's watchlist. If you're watching it as a Rams fan, I would suggest you focus on Arkansas' interior offensive line. Both C Travis Swanson and G Alvin Bailey are playing at a really high level right now. They're both redshirt sophomores, but I'd be surprised if both came out for this year's draft. I figure interior line could be in play for the 2013 draft. Is it far down the line? Sure, but it's always worth keeping an eye on.

  As Van pointed out yesterday, the Rams have scouts in attendance at Michigan-Northwestern. They're likely doing their day 3 diligence, because I'm not sure who they're really eying in this one. The Wolverines and Wildcats have a couple prospects, but none that really have you looking forward to April for. Maybe C David Molk? He's a technician, but at just 286 pounds, he's a bit light for an NFL every down center.

  If you're really looking for NFL prospects, check out Ohio St.-Nebraska or Georgia-Tennessee. Both will have plenty of future NFLers on the field.

  So drop off your thoughts here, and if you're watching Auburn-Arkansas, be sure to check out this week's watchlist.