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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

  We had a great college thread last night for Oregon-Cal. Maybe I've underestimated the power of the Pac-12 here at TST...

  Well tonight we switch to a Mountain West-WAC battle between Boise St. and Fresno St. (ESPN, 9pm ET; MTD watch notes). No, this one won't be played on Smurf Mountain, aka Boise's home field. Speaking of oddly colored football fields, this won't be played at Bloodvomit Stadium either. No, this one's at Fresno. Just a boring old green field tonight, and likely a boring game.

  I didn't include this one on my watchlist for this week (which you should download, print and stuff in your pockets na now now now and then print off another copy and put it in a safe in a bank just in case). There are still some decent prospects to check out on both sides.

  For Fresno, DT Josh Harrell is putting together a nice season after an impressive 2010.  He's not the bulkiest tackle, but he moves well when engaged. Devon Wylie is fun to watch; he's tiny and ridiculously fast. He's not as small as Trindon Holliday was, but he's close. I doubt he'll make the NFL, but that means he's got to go all out every play so it's worth tuning in to see what he can do when he gets the ball in space. Junior OLB Travis Brown has some game too, but he's going to have to fight to get on an NFL roster IMO. And yes, David Carr's younger brother is the starting QB for the Bulldogs. The only game I saw of his so far was the Nebraska game, and his supporting cast just wasn't good enough to help him against the Huskers. Should be a good opportunity to stand out tonight.

  I had Boise in week 1 on my watchlist, so you can check it out for a full list of their prospects. It's tough to get a good read on a lot of the Broncos' offerings because their entire schedule, save for the opener against Georgia, isn't close to them. Kellen Moore has really fallen off for me. He looks less like an NFL prospect and more like a college star, someone who has really plateaued and is ok with that. That may be partly due to the fact Boise is winning and should go undefeated, and if you're his coach, you don't want to tinker with him. Still, his motion, his accuracy, his feet all leave a lot to be desired as a prospect.

  For Rams fans looking for WR prospects, Geraldo Boldewijn has been reinstated by the NCAA after being held out because Dutch I guess. It was weird before, it's still weird.  Nevertheless, he should be on the field, and when he is you should watch. He's just a redshirt soph, so he is draft eligible...but he would be crazy to come out. He's still very, very raw, but very, very talented. Seriously, if you catch this game, keep an eye out for #17. If he's still #17.

  So there you go.  Some Friday night football not at the high school level. Seems so sacrilegious. But hey, by week 9 we've got college games every night from Tuesday to Saturday. That's some serious broadcast trolling, ESPN. So if you catch this one (or if you just want to see Boldewijn), hop in the thread. And remember - Red River Shootout tomorrow! I hope they brought back the Chicken Fried Bacon from '08. That, my friends, is what you're supposed to create with food.