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Steven Jackson Status: Jackson Is At 100 percent

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Not having Steven Jackson for the three games of the season hurt the St. Louis Rams offense. Jackson's absence wasn't the only thing that hurt the unit, but it was one of them. Jackson and the Rams were lucky. The original prognosis was that Jackson would miss four to six weeks.

Jackson revealed that fact in this post on his web site today. Even more interesting and a testament to Jackson's moxie, is that he set his sights on returning within two weeks. Two weeks, for an injury that normally takes four to six weeks to heal. He did it too, at least got back to the point where he could contribute two weeks later. He was even pretty close to playing in that Monday night game in week two against the Giants.

It actually came down to a pregame workout to see if I could play in that Monday night game. We were really close. A lot closer than people thought or knew. In that workout, 90 minutes before the game, I was able to do 5 to 10-yard bursts. But anything over 10 yards is when you start to really open up your stride in running and as I tried to lengthen that part of the leg, I could tell that the quad was just not ready. It's a painful thing and going out there on one leg against world-class athletes is no fun. They're not going to take it easy on you.

The Rams need Jackson, not just for his on-field abilities, but for the leadership he provides, as witnessed in Tuesday's practice.

As you know, Jackson takes extremely good care of himself, to put it mildly. You can see the results of that here. He's now at 100 percent, and ready for the Green Bay game.

I can now say that I'm 100 percent healthy from a physical standpoint and I'm looking forward to the next challenge. That's going to Green Bay and getting this team our first win of the season.