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St. Louis Rams Week in Review: 10/3-10/7

I just find this picture funny.
I just find this picture funny.


Well, I'm pretty sure we are all thankful that the Rams have a bye this week. After being hit with more devastating news on the injury front, and a tough loss last Sunday against the Redskins, they are going to need that extra week to get some practice in, because their next opponent, Green Bay, is pretty good (so you've heard).

Fanposts, TST front page articles and news after the jump

Le Fans

Really, we are talking about Andrew Luck?

Mark Jaramillo is tired of hearing about Andrew Luck. So Sam Bradford is having a tough time. You think Andrew Luck would be any different behind our offensive line? Give Sam some time to blossom into that Forest Gump hybrid ping-pong/football star we always knew he would be.

The Painful Truth

RG31's piece is about the painful reality of the state of this offense. Just like Mark, he's got SB's back. And you know what else SB stands for? Super Bowl. Which is exactly where we are going this year. Why? Because we have Sam stinking Bradford. Now that's a reality check.

5 Round 2012 Mock Draft

Ah, the problems with going 0-4! Cameron David Miri has a all Rams draft that he thinks could really help out this team. And no, no Andrew Luck. Check it out and give it a grade. That's what drafts are all about, right?

Close Encounters of the 4th Kind

since1969 talks about how an alien visited him, and how said alien was completely shocked at the poor performance of the Rams. You know you have problems when your the laughing stock of the interstellar community...

Ze News

Steven Jackson Pseudo Promises Wins

Really, check the second quote in the article by RvB. Does it not seem like Steven Jackson is guaranteeing a win against Green Bay? Did the Lions pay him to say that so we'd put them as #1 on our TST Power Rankings? Who knows. At least he has the stones to say something like that though.

Never Too Early for Draft Notes

I'm beginning to think 3k and buckeyefan55 are TST's very own Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. Now all we need to do is find another Jimmy Clausen prospect so they can both bicker about them, only to be made irrelevant by Cam Newton.

Danny Amendola is on the IR

I can think of a few words to say, and none of them very work appropriate. Hopefully Mark Clayton's knee is ready, because it seems the only players who can catch the ball are injured.

Bradley Fletcher is on the IR

See above, except the part about catching passes. Actually, I don't think I'd mind if our DB's caught passes. From the opposing QB.

Simply TST: The Best Of

Dropped Passes Plague Rams

Speaking of dropping the ball, STATS LLC. is way off. Our own TST LLC. records indicate that the Rams have already dropped almost 30 passes. What. The. Hell. Get those guys some stick'um.

About Wind and Cards...

Check Doug M's piece (Part 3) about the one and only Stan Kroenke, hater of Spagnuolo, lover of under performing sports teams. Or is that the other way around...

At Least Your Fantasy Team is Winning

Well, unless you drafted Andre Johnson, like me. I mean seriously. Beanie Wells!? I'll leave the fantasy guru-ing up to someone more qualified...

Expectations From the Bye

I could think of a lot of things here, but Tevin nails most of the issues on the head. Six weeks in, if you are still looking like a team led by Marc Bulger, Alex Barron and Jimmy Kennedy, well, heads may roll. (Of course, it could be a team led by Ryan Fitzpatrick, Madison Hedgecock and DeSean Jackson, all of which the Rams either drafted or could have drafted).

Weekly Picks for Week 5

If doing these picks has taught me anything, it's that I'm really bad at making picks. In fact, most of us at TST are pretty bad at making picks. But at least we don't choke like the Yankees! (Ha..ha..ha..)

Getting Back to the Basics

You know things are bad with Ryan starts talking about French existentialism. But seriously, with Steven Jackson at 100%, you better use him.

Kevin Demoff Takes Your Questions

I had to make this one bigger, because it's pretty much AWESOME. Talk to the COO of the Rams. Does he prefer PB&J or ham and cheese? Well, now is the time to ask!