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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

  So we ushered in the college football week earlier with a look at the WR Big Boards from myself and buckeyefan55.  Good convo over there; feel free to chime in on what has become a Alshon v. Blackmon debate (and I expect it to stay that way unless our reserve corners play so badly it scares people into pulling for a corner in round 1).

  But there are many other positions in the game of football besides wide receiver.  Should you not know this, why not watch a contest of the sport in question with valiant athletes competing in a structured environment iudex accensus?  From the silly to the sillier: Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee St. (ESPNU, 7:30pm)

  Not much to watch, although Lil' Bobby Rainey on WKU is fun to watch.  He's tiny, and he's quick.  And the Hilltoppers' ILB, Andrew Jackson, is a machine.  As an NFL prospect, though, he's pretty slow out of the blocks.  Let's keep moving...

  I do have the other game on the week 6 watchlist (which has 3 games and now includes stock movement for previously included games...seriously, check it out): Cal-Oregon (ESPN, 9:00pm). I'll let the watchlist speak for itself on this game as a whole, but keep an eye out for Oregon FS John Boyett.  He's had some big games against LSU and Arizona; if he continues to play well as the passing defense valve at the back of the Ducks' defense, he could find himself being selected on day two (should he declare - he's still just a junior).

  So hit it up here for the night.  Yay football.