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St. Louis Rams COO Kevin Demoff Takes TST's Questions

Without a doubt it's been a tough year for the St. Louis Rams. Expectations to start the season were so high, but a rough start and a rash of injuries has doused some of the initial enthusiasm of fans. Fans have questions, and Kevin Demoff, the Rams' Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Football Operations, is willing to provide some answers.

Demoff has been kind enough to answer some of my questions about the salary cap and free agency since the lockout ended. In a recent conversation he offered to take questions from our community of Rams fans in addition to joining us for a future edition of Turf Show Radio.

So here's how this is going to work. Submit your questions for Demoff in the comments of this post. I'll curate the questions and pass them along. We'll share the answers over a series of posts between now and next week's game against the Packers.

A couple of things to remember. Don't be afraid to ask tough questions, but be professional about it. Demoff does not have to do this, and since he's extended us the courtesy, let's extend him the same.

Also, remember that Demoff's role is not on the personnel side. He doesn't scout players, set up the draft board or determine free agent targets. He does work closely with GM Billy Devaney and Spagnuolo on signings and acquisitions. Demoff is the cap and contract guru for the Rams. He also oversees the other operations, things like marketing, ticket sales and the team's community relations and philanthropic efforts. Read more about him here.

Alright, get busy with those questions. The sooner we get some good ones, the sooner I can send them along for answers.

And thanks again to Kevin Demoff and the Rams.