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Danny Amendola Injury: St. Louis Rams WR Will Have Surgery

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola will have surgery to repair a torn triceps, according to Adam Caplan who confirmed the details with Amendola's agent. The move obviously shuts down Amendola for the season. He will spend the next four months recovering from the injury. 

Amendola actually tore his triceps when he first dislocated his elbow in week one against the Eagles. He elected to forego surgery then and try to rehab his way back onto the field, with the blessing of the Rams. Practicing last week made the triceps tear worse, prompting the need for surgery. 

As Caplan pointed out in a subsequent Tweet, Amendola was willing to play with one arm...and he might have had a higher catch rate with his one arm than the rest of the Rams receivers. I don't that it does any good to go back and question the decisions made with regards to Amendola. Still, it's hard to think that it was good judgement to let him back on the practice field so soon with they bye week coming up and him needing rest. More importantly, just what did they think they were going to get out of him with his first injury? It sounds like Amendola pushed to get back on the field and the team got desperate to have him back out there. Whatever happened, it's a done deal now, and Amendola will watch from the sidelines for the rest of the season. 

Amendola was re-signed as an exclusive rights free agent this year. He'll be a restricted free agent in 2012.