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TST WR Big Board - Oct. 6

I got with buckeyefan55 last week before the Redskins game with the intent to post this last week. Might have been more useful as the general momentum of team needs has shifted heavily toward CB with Bradley Fletcher missing the rest of the season due to an injury to the same knee that cost him much of his rookie 2009 season.

Nevertheless, it's a strong draft class at wideout. There are #1 types, slot options, speed guys/playmakers and red zone threats aplenty. System fit is going to be key for the first three round with so much talent available.

That being said, our combo WR Big Board as of today for all draft-eligible prospects is after the jump.

For reference, here's the Mocking the Draft WR rankings with detailed notes on 8 prospects.
buckeyefan55 3k
Rank Name School MTD rank Name School MTD rank
1 Alshon Jeffery South Carolina 1 Alshon Jeffery South Carolina 1
2 Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St. 2 Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St. 2
3 Michael Floyd Notre Dame 3 Dwight Jones North Carolina 7
4 Juron Criner Arizona 11 Michael Floyd Notre Dame 3
5 Ryan Broyles Oklahoma 5 Ryan Broyles Oklahoma 5
6 Dwight Jones North Carolina 7 Jeff Fuller Texas A&M 4
7 Mohamed Sanu Rutgers 6 Mohamed Sanu Rutgers 6
8 Jeff Fuller Texas A&M 4 Kendall Wright Baylor 8
9 Rueben Randle LSU 17 Nick Toon Wisconsin 14
10 Greg Childs Arkansas 9 Eric Page Toledo 10

Some interesting discrepancies between our two boards.

First, buck's obviously giving the standard flanker types the nod, with Criner, Randle and Childs all on his board while not on mine. On the other hand, I've got slot/smoker types like Kendall Wright and Eric Page.

Big Boards are a bit of a fruitless endeavor since teams generally look for a specific type of WR to fill. If you need a speedier guy to work underneath a la Danny Amendola, you're not going to take Dwight Jones to fill that spot. On the other hand, if you're willing to spend a pick on a WR who, with time and tutelage, could turn into a productive wideout, Broyles just doesn't fit the bill IMO. It's just a different valuation, and one that probably reflects the Rams' needs more than anything.

So have at it. As for the weekend plan, we'll have college football threads up tonight for the two games and one up tomorrow for Boise-Fresno, a battle of the "State" schools that aren't actually states. And of course, we'll have stuff throughout Saturday with some huge games: Texas-OU, Florida-LSU, and Auburn-Arkansas all feature ranked teams going up against one another. There's plenty more to whet the appetite.

For now, though, it's all WRs. What's your reaction to the boards? Did we leave anyone out? What do you value more for the Rams - a #1 type with potential or a proven wideout with obvious limitations?