St. Louis Rams 2012 NFL Mock draft 5 rounds!

The St. Louis Rams are a talented team but haven't been showing it at all this season. So i decided to make a mock draft to see what they need in the 2012 NFL draft in April.

Top 5 Team needs.

1. True number 1 wide receiver.

2. A good corner-back to team up with Bradley Fletcher.

3. 2 outside linebackers to help the run defense and help James Laurinaitis with the line-backing corps

4. A backup running back to team up with Steven Jackson to carry some of the workload.

5. A couple defensive tackles to help the run and pass defense. 

Round 1. Alshon Jeffery WR

Round 2. Jayron Hosley CB

Round 3. La- Michael  James HB

Round 4. Ronnel Lewis OLB

Round 5. Josh Chapman DT

Mock Draft.


                                        Thinks for viewing my mock draft. Leave comments below on what you think!