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Rams WR Austin Pettis and Reskins WR Niles Paul Talk About The Hit And The Fine

Washington Redskins wide receiver Niles Paul got hit with a $20,000 fine for his helmet-to-helmet on St. Louis Rams punt returner Austin Pettis. Pettis notoriously fielded three punts without calling for a fair catch, almost getting himself killed in the process. Pettis and Paul shared some words over the matter on Twitter today.

Here's Pettis on learning about the fine:

@Niles_Paul damn bro they hit u deep in the pockets....appeal it I shoulda called for the fair catch lol! That's all bad
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Paul, a fifth-round pick from Nebraska, responded to Pettis:


Lol what you got on it? RT @Austin_Pettis: @Niles_Paul damn bro they hit u deep in the pockets, I shoulda called for the fair catch! Lol
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Pettis indeed got something from the hit. 

@Niles_Paul lol I got a two day headache that what I got FROM it lol
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Paul was a friendly competitor about the whole thing:


Of course, what good is a story without a moral to it? Pettis learned his lesson.

@Niles_Paul lol u straight at least I will learn to fair catch now
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I suspect Pettis will be calling for a fair catch next time, as he suggested.