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Ramdom Ramsdom 10/5: At least we won't lose Sunday


Well at least the Rams can't lose this week has been the general consensus over the last few days.  I agree the Rams can't lose but they certainly can still "win".  They can take this bye week to get back to basics and start playing better football.  This is a crucial week for everyone in the Rams organization from the coaches to the players.  Let's get to the links.

Stock Watch- In Mike Sando's weekly NFC West stock watch he listed anyone who wears horns as falling.  It's hard to argue with him on that.  The team has been one of the worst disappointments in the NFL. It's not that they just haven't won a game, it that they get hammered every game.  If the Rams were a stock there would be a fire sale right now.

Amendola loss hurting- Roger Hensley of (holy crap!! Some one not named Jim Thomas writes about the Rams for them!) had a nice questionnaire with other writers of (oh wait Jim Thomas is in it) with one question had bad is the Danny Amendola injury.  The consensus is that with Bradford loosing his go to guy third downs have become a nightmare for the Rams.  We get blitzed and to me it seems that Bradford doesn't trust the hot read, who was always Danny.  The bad news is Danny might get surgery and be out for a long time, perhaps the whole season.

SJax gets peppy- Jim Thomas had a great article about that pep talk Steven Jackson gave to the team in practice yesterday.    So what did he say?  No one knows since Jackson declined comment but here's what Spags had to say.

"Just some determination," Spagnuolo said. "Some will to succeed, some drive for excellence. Just some key points and we appreciate that. I'm sure the guys on defense were doing the same thing. (Defensive captain) James Hall and I talked this morning. They get it. These guys are warriors. They've been through this and we've just got to fight our way out of it."


By the way, Douglas M is the man.  His articles are alway great, but these last two, here's one and here's two, have been incredibly great, and there are still 3 more to go!! I can only dream I can write as well as Doug some day.  We are all so happy to have you here on TST Doug.