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Redskins 17, Rams 10 - Stats that Mattered

O...M...G!  A Rams' receiver didn't drop a pass.
O...M...G! A Rams' receiver didn't drop a pass.

  When you first look at the score, you might think the Rams did not play horribly. Don't be fooled. This performance was just as bad as any this season by the team.

  The Rams haven't scored 20 points since week 16 of last season.  Everyone on the offense is playing poorly (including Sam Bradford), the offensive line is terrible beyond belief right now, and the receivers continue to amaze me with all the dropped passes.  The defense did step up and do well, but this is a team game.

  Here are some stats basically summarizing how bad the Rams are playing this year: 11.5 points per game and 28.2 points given up per game.  Those are horrible numbers.  If the Rams can't improve those numbers, they won't win a game.

 Stats from Sunday after the jump.

  • From my count, there were at least 6 dropped passes on Sunday (someone correct me if I'm wrong, can't find a specific site with drop stats), and two of those drops would have been TDs (one to Mike Sims-Walker and another to Lance Kendricks). If just the two TDs were caught, we probably would have won the game.   It's not just one person dropping passes either; it's everyone. The Rams will have to get back to work on catching passes this week and maybe even start punishing guys with fines for drops, because it is that bad.
  • Again, the Rams run D got torched, giving up 196 rushing yards.  The Rams run defense has been horrible this season, and I think a large part of that is that Freddy Robbins' age is catching up to him.  Remind me again why the Rams didn't draft a young DT?
  • The Rams pass defense was just stellar this week.  They held Rex Grossman to a stat line of 15/29 for 159 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs.  It's a small consolation given that the run defense is so bad, but the pass defense is starting to look better as of late.
  • Bradford had another fumble.  This season he has only thrown one interception, but he has fumbled four times which puts his turnover rate over one per game.  The first job of the QB is to protect the ball and while the line has been horrible protecting him, at some point he has to stop holding on to the ball too long and get rid of it.  
  • Speaking of the O-line, they gave up 7 sacks. Bradford is on pace to be sacked 72 times this season.  That is just abysmal.  Bradford won't last the season at that rate.  The Rams might have the one of the worst offensive lines in the league despite being one of the highest paid lines in the league.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the Rams had no sacks.  Part of this was the Redskins' ability to run the ball, but this is a defense that prides itself on getting to the QB and sacking him. To not get a sack stings a lot.
  • And here's the most important stat.  Redskins 339 total yards.  Rams 172.  You won't beat anybody in the NFL with an offense that  can't get 200 yards!  The Rams need to get back to basics this week and simplify the offense.

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