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Random Ramsdom, 10/4: Back To Basics

The St. Louis Rams will get back to basics this week.
The St. Louis Rams will get back to basics this week.

The St. Louis Rams will get back to basics this week. With dropped passes, penalties and blown assignments, the Rams have more than enough work to do on the football fundamentals before they resume play for another tough stretch of schedule. Can they makes something happen with the soul searching this week?

Rams' vision blurred beyond recognition - The St. Louis Rams have never had the combination of RB Steven Jackson, TEs Michael Hoomanawanui and Lance Kendricks, and WR Danny Amendola on the field together this season. That combo was supposed to be the heart of the offense, a versatile group that would allow the Rams to create any number of mismatches with the defense. Injuries have prevented that group from working together, making the struggle of learning a new offense even worse. Now, that has little to do with the pass protection and spotty run blocking, but it is a big hurdle for a team that can't seem to score points.

Rams left searching for silver lining - Head coach Steve Spagnuolo says that he "sees no quit" in this team. That's a starting point to salvage 12 more games of the season. 

Rams Have Bye Week to Put an End to Bad Football - Credit Howard Balzer for an excellent distillation of the Rams' problems right now. For as laughable as Spagnuolo's press conferences can be, Balzer does find some meaning in what Spagnuolo is talking about when he says that "you can't knee-jerk react" to things. The Rams have a ton of work to do before they can get back to being a mediocre football team. We'll see if that happens.

2012 NFL Draft talk - A whole mess of draft talk from Mocking the Draft, SB Nation's NFL draft site. They've got links to all kinds of early players talk, featuring a number of players that the Rams could be interested in next year.

Seahawks To Sign Linebacker David Vobora - The Seahawks will turn to the former Rams linebacker to replace Matt McCoy who was injured in a punt return collision with Aaron Curry. Oh, the irony. 

(One extra from 3k)

Spags' soft approach leaving much to be desired - We've all wanted to see more from Coach Spags.  Early on last year, I was frustrated by his unwillingness to challenge referees throughout games as questionable decisions were accepted without any pushback.  With the performances of 2011, Spags' tenor has become even more irksome.  Jeff Gordon hits it on the head in this one.  You can't lose games the way we have while maintaining a public image of soft support across the board and expect fans and the media to laud the approach.