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Turf Show Times Photo Caption Contest

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  What a day Sunday was, eh? Our Rams broke out of the "L" column and into the land of "W-s". Solid performances all around by players who finally found out who they really are, as well as their capabilities as a team. Position coaches took charge of their players, and Steve Spagnuolo showed why he is one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL. Josh McDaniels' "X-s" and "O-s" became music to be played, and Steven Jackson channeled a football version of Chuck Berry as he rocked the the house. 

  The Rams defense was a source of "Wows", with not a painful groan to be heard. Yes, for today, all is right in Rams world... So what do we do? Caption Contest of course! It's Monday folks, and if you don't have TST's caption contest penciled in on those calendars yet, you might just want to think about it? Last week the winner of the contest snagged a Brandon Lloyd replica Jersey. This week? I have no idea... But I'll think of something good! All the world loves a surprise, am I right?

  So let's get to it! Sharpen those keen mind and rapier wits. Have a look at the photo above, and let loose those creative, humorous minds of yours...

  Enter as many times as you wish! Ready... Set... GO!