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Saints @ Rams: Stats That Mattered

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I am so happy today!!  This is the first post I have as a TST writer in response to a win; a definite historical day!  The Rams came in a two touchdown underdog and they went out with a 10 point win.  Every player came ready to play and it, by far, was the Rams best performance of the season.  The only stat that really matters for a 1-6 team is that they just got their first win, but, after the jump, I will breakdown some key stats.


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  • Chris Long had 3 sacks.  To all the naysayers of Long, are you now a believer?  He has 6 sacks in 7 games now and many more pressures.
  • The Rams held the Saints to 2.8 yards per carry.  A huge improvement over last week.  The defensive line was definitely playing with more intensity.  Still, you can't overlook how playing with a lead helps the run defense.
  • Steven Jackson: 25 carries, 159 yards and 2 TDs.  He put the team on his back this week and played like a champ.  Hall of Fame performance.
  • The Rams defense held the explosive Saints offense to less than 300 yards and 14 points (Saint's defense scored a TD).   They also collected 6 sacks and 2 interceptions (one for a TD).  This was the defense we were suppose to have this season.  My only question, where the hell were they the first 6 weeks.




  • AJ Feeley played know....AJ Feeley; 20/37. 175 yards, 1 TD and 1 fumble for a TD.  With Sam Bradford in against the Saints, I think the Rams would of scored at least 40 points as he wouldn't have missed a wide open Brandon Lloyd in the 1st quarter on two strait throws.  Not to ride on Feeley though; he is playing as good as can be expected.  I just can't wait for Sam to come back.
  • Brandon Lloyd had 6 catches for 53 yards and a TD, BUT he has officially become a Rams WR.  He had two drops in the game, one on a crossing route that might have been a TD if he caught it.  Still, it's nice to finally add a good WR to the rotation for the Rams.




  • 3rd down offense.  The conversation rate was 5/16 (31%).  The inability to sustain drives on third down was the main reason the Saints almost made a comeback until the Stewart pick six.  This failure was due to a lot of things, such as being in 3rd and long a lot, drops and penalties.  It's needs to improve, because the defense won't be able to play at the level they just did every game.
  • 9 penalties including 5 false starts by my home and one on a punt!  The Rams are leading the NFL in penalties at 8.9 per game.  This is just stupid and unacceptable.  You can't make mental mistakes like that.  Steven Jackson sure let Rodger Saffold know about it.



Thanks for reading.