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St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo Press Conference, 10/31

   Today should be a relatively easy day after the press conference for St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo. A nice break from the usual scrutiny the local press puts the head coach through, or not. It should also help that the injury report from yesterday's game looks to include nothing but relatively minor dings to report. So what will the head coach have to talk about? 

   I'll be interested to hear more about what changed for the Rams. Of course, that question will be met with the usual "we stuck to our game plan" yak yak, but obviously something did change. That was not the same team that had been getting stomped into the turf on a weekly basis, playing undisciplined, passionless football.

   Just because this week's game didn't have a long injury report, doesn't mean there are some injury situations to update. Topping the list is Sam Bradford. He was no closer to playing this week than he was the week before. Can we expect him back on the field in week 9? And how about Mark Clayton? Achilles tendon soreness kept him from being activated off the PUP list this week, but the clock is ticking for him to return. 

Watch Spagnuolo's presser and discuss right here. 

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