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How Many More Games Can The St. Louis Rams Win?

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Here's a little lunch time guessing game for you. The St. Louis Rams looked like a completely different team in yesterday's win over the New Orleans Saints. They looked like the team they were supposed to look like heading into the season after a 7-9 run last year. Now, they face their biggest test, salvaging what's left of the season.

Making the playoffs is a long shot after losing six in a row. It has never been done; however, they should be able to compete and pick up some more wins over the last half of the season, playing a spoiler role in the NFC title hunt.

As for head coach Steve Spagnuolo and general manager Billy Devaney, a strong run through the second half should translate into some job security. Their success will also be measured in terms of what they can extract from players, particularly the younger guys who were being counted on to contribute this season. The young players made key contributions yesterday, most notably first-round pick Robert Quinn, a pattern of consistent progress must be a milestone to consider.

We'll have plenty of time to talk player development and the coaching hot seat. For now, let's stick to the question at hand: How many more games will the Rams win this season? Vote and give us your breakdown in the comments.