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Rams vs. Saints Recap: The Quick Five

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Well, well, well. It appears that the St. Louis Rams have finally found something to be happy about after stunning the Saints yesterday. I'm as surprised as you are; after putting up over 60 points, the Saints offense was largely removed from the game by the Rams defense, especially the dominating front four. 

Quick Five after the jump.

Steven Jackson, RB

I don't know how you couldn't give this guy two thumbs up after demolishing the Saints. He was everything the team needed him to be and more. Hopefully he can keep up his vocal leadership and help guide this team to more victories.


Chris Long, DE

Chris Long was unstoppable. Much like he displayed last year, he harassed Drew Brees the entire game and picked up three sacks. It's clear this defensive line has talent, but getting consistent pressure is something they need to work on. Hopefully this win can boost their confidence.


Robert Quinn, DE

Bust? Whoever said that is crazy. Robert Quinn played very well against the Saints, and considering he didn't play his senior year...there is no way you can call him a bust. He has the potential to be something special.

Al Harris, CB

I'm giving him an extra nudge because he played well last week, but he also did a good job this week. In fact, the secondary played well against the powerful Saints passing attack. Kudos to them for putting it together. Darian Stewart also played well, shutting the door with a late INT.

St. Louis Rams

Can you find negatives in this game? Of course. But the Rams and the fanbase desperately needed a win. They came through and beat a very good Saints team. Hopefully this win can translate into some mojo for a team that really needed a boost in morale.