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Cowboys Vs. Eagles: Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Ostensibly, this thread is for discussing the Sunday Night Football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. After last week's turd in which the New Orleans Saints held a scrimmage against the Colts, the execs at NBC have to be pleased to have an NFC East showdown. This game has implications in the standings.

The Eagles have a 12 game winning streak coming out of their bye weeks, an NFL record since bye weeks were instituted in 1990. Of course, that was before they fell flat in the face of expectations this season. Nevertheless, a win tonight would tie them with Dallas in the standings and keep the race alive in their division.

Both of these team have beaten the Rams this season. That was before the Rams big upset over the Saints today. This is a new Rams team.

So, let's talk about another point of discussion. Can the Rams sustain the momentum?