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Sunday Night Football: Can DeMarco Murray Do It Again?

After watching the St. Louis Rams win today, my palate is cleansed on the whole season thus far. Maybe. So, I really don't have any vested rooting interest in tonight's prime time game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. I do have one burning question: can DeMarco Murray catch lightening in a bottle twice?

The Eagles have one of the league's most porous run defenses, not as bad as the Rams was last week, but more than capable of giving up big games to speedy running backs like Murray. 

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that Murray will not top 250 yards this week...just a guess. Of course, this being prime time and this being Dallas, a meltdown might be the most likely scenario here. But we'll see. The Cowboys felt so strongly about Murray, that they cut Tashard Choice this week. Now watch Phillip Tanner go out and run for triple digits. 

How about you, can Murray do it twice?