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Pierre Thomas & Steven Jackson: A Tale Of Two Running Backs

New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas led his team in rushing against the St. Louis Rams today. After watching Dallas' DeMarco Murray break record against the Rams last week, it figured to be a pretty good day for Thomas and the other Saints runners. That was not the case. 

Thomas had 23 yards on seven carries today. Perhaps even more telling was the totality of the Saints rushing efforts against the Rams. New Orleans ran the ball 20 times for an average of 2.8 yards per attempt. It was by far the Rams best performance against the run all season long. That said, Thomas was responsible for one of the Saints' touchdowns. 

Flip that over to Steven Jackson who had 159 yards on 25 carries. He averaged 6.4 yards per attempt in his first 100+ yard effort of the season. He caught four passes for 32 yards, a season high as well. It's hard not to look at this game and remember just how important, essential Steven Jackson is for this team.

It deserves another look at the Steven Jackson rally scream.