The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Wk. 8

Well Rams fans here we go again, another week another lo... WIN! Holy Shit I shit you not I haven't cried in years but damn I couldn't help it today. We learned a couple of things today that I will speak on and there's a hunch that I've been holding back but I think it's time to say it, more after the jump..



The Good

S-Jax - Dude was a straight up beast and he gets this just alone by getting in Saffold's ass after he had a stupid ass penalty late in the game. This is the type of ego that this team needs. People have been looking to Sam to do this but that' just not him and I've said this whole time that if someone was going to do it, it was going to be Jackson. As for yards Jackson rushed for north of 150 yards today and practically willed this team to the win along with my second Good.

Defense - If you would have told me that we would hold the Saints winless in the first half then only 21 points all together I'd have told you to stop fucking dreaming. There's a couple of people that I want to give special mention to and that's Chris Long, JL and Stewart. Chris Long was after Brees all game and came up with 3 sacks. JL was all over the secondary making plays and Stewart just for the INT at the end of the game and returned it for the TD to lock this game down.

Brandon Lloyd - Although having two critical drops in the game the guy is clutch and came up clutch for us late in the game when we need a conversion with a beautiful catch. I honestly can't wait for Sam to get back, it's going to be on hell of a combination between the two.

*Special Mention to Salas and Quinn

The Bad -

AJ Feely - I honestly can't wait til Sam gets back because even though Feely had an alright game, he almost gave the momentum to the Saints for that fumble on the Saint's goal line. Also at the beginning of the game he missed not once but TWO passes to Lloyd that could have been TDs.

O-Line - These guys have got to stop with the stupid penalties because it's just getting ridiculous. As I mentioned above Saffold got his ass chewed out by S-Jax and it was beautiful as the day is long. I hope they can get these stupid mental errors out because they actually played pretty well today with opening holes for S-Jax and giving Feely some time in the pocket, just stop with the Fall Starts.

In honor of the first win of the season I will not do an ugly!

Now for my hunch that I've been eating at me for a long time and that the Rams have underplayed this year and it pisses me off. Yes you can blame it on the injuries and all which is true but going into this second part of the schedule we have a chance to get 4-5 more wins if we play like we did today. I'm hoping that I see more fire coming out of S-Jax for the rest of the year and I can't wait for Sam to get back. As for the game ball of the game even though S-Jax said it goes to the whole team it really goes to him and this defense. I know most that not Rams fans will say that I'm crazy but S-Jax is a future HOF and if he was on a good team he would have his ass kissed way more than other RBs. Even the commentators said during the game "what if he was on a better team throughout his career?". Hats off to Spags for getting his team ready to play and I liked some of the passion that I saw out of him today. A couple more wins and he'll have everybody that wanted him out kissing his ass. As always..