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VIDEO: Rams S Picks Off Drew Brees For TD

Having cut the St. Louis Rams' lead down to just ten points with three minutes to play, it looked like the New Orleans Saints could be making something of a comeback. Right up until Drew Brees threw an interception on first down. Rams' safety Darian Stewart picked off Brees and returned it for a touchdown, giving the Rams a 31-14 lead in the fourth quarter. 

With the Rams front line applying ample pressure, as they did all day long, Brees was trying to connect with his tight end Jimmy Graham. Stewart jumped in front for the pick. 

That was Brees' second interception of the day. Those turnovers proved to be costly for the Saints. The Rams offense scored on the drive after the first Brees pick. Stewart's interception gave them 14 points on turnovers. 

Brees hit Lance Moore with less than a minute remaining to give them 21 points. The Rams handed the Saints their third loss of the season, while picking up their first win.