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VIDEO: Feeley Fumble Puts Saints On The Board

The New Orleans Saints scored their first points against the St. Louis Rams on a third quarter fumble recovery. Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins sacked St. Louis quarterback A.J. Feeley at the one-yard line. It forced a Feeley fumble that linebacker Jonathan Vilma recovered for an easy six points.


That was Vilma’s first defensive touchdown since his rookie season with the Jets in 2004. The sack was Jenkins’ first of the season as part of a New Orleans defense not afraid to use its secondary to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks. That was also Jenkins’ first forced fumble of the season.

The touchdown cut into the Rams 24-point just with one quarter of the game left to be played. The Saints offense can be among the league’s most prolific, so the Rams will have to play flawlessly to hold on to their 24-7 lead and compete one of the more improbably upsets of the season.