enough of the andrew luck sweepstakes!

for the past week ive been reading nothing jibberish, on how this whole trainwreck is sam's fault, he's doing this, hes overthrowing to him, blah, blah! this is going to be short and to the point...tell me rams fans, who are clamoring for andrew in the freakin hell do you think he can come in here, and magically turn this nightmare around? with the same supporting cat that bradford has now mind you? still waiting?


andrew is not better than bradford, ill tell you that right now, luck hasnt even declared for the draft, and yet some of you are already annointing him the next brady, or whatever the hell! there both even in my eyes, hell ill even go one over you guys even better...i think cam newtons better than andrew luck! from what ive seen from cam so far? all i have to say is wow! andrew isnt even 1/2 the stud cam is. and ill say this too bradfords a way better passer than both combined. his accuracy is undeniable, you just cant see it, because all his passes bounce off the wafflemaker hands the rams wr's have.


luck is going have to go through the same growing pains as every other qb that comes into the league, hell, look at jake locker? he was "supposed" to be better than luck, and was "supposed" to go #1 according to the pundits, where did he end up? andrew luck is a man amongst boys in college, but like everyone who gets drafted, hes going to get baptized from the real men in the n.f.l. give sam time, its not his fault. look no further than the front office. so there, enough of andrew luck!