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LIVE: Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo Press Conference

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St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo gets behind the podium at 3:00 p.m. Central today for his day-after press conference at Rams Park. Sitting with a very disappointing 0-4 record, the coach has some real questions to answer. We pitched a few  questions earlier today. 

For those of you new to the experience, the press conference starts off with an update on the injuries. We expect to have some news about wide receiver Danny Amendola. He is likely headed for surgery to fix a triceps injury related to his dislocated elbow. Hopefully someone will ask whether or not the Rams pushed Amendola back into service too soon. Jacob Bell's hamstring is also a concern

Those concerns are all minor compared the Rams utter failure to produce much of anything on the field. Every week, more penalties, more dropped passes, and more disturbingly, an apparent lack of leadership on the team. 

You can watch the presser live right here. Typically, the streaming video is choppy and difficult to listen too, probably the result of the franchise's digital investment being tied up in the offensive line...kidding. 

Listen and discuss right here. 


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