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Questions For Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo's Monday Presser

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This afternoon St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo will give his usual day after press conference. He'll also give his usual answers. Typically, these things last about 20 minutes. After offering up the injury report and the usual bit about the disappointment and needing to focus on the week ahead, Spagnuolo will take a few softball questions before heading back to his office. 

I have a few questions that I'd like to hear some answers for, or at least some excuses and at the very worst, talking points. Expectations were high for this Rams team, and they're playing worse than they did last year. That demands answers. 

Who is the leader(s) of this team? 

How does this team's performance in big games reflect on the leadership?

What was done in practice last week to address dropped passes? Poor pass blocking? Penalties? Bad tackling? 

Why were those issues still a problem for the Rams this week? 

How do you explain the poor play from the Rams offensive line? 

What changes will the team consider making to address the problems on the offensive line? 

You said the line the line struggled with hard counts, how can this be after four games?

Sam Bradford has been sacked 18 times so far, how is he holding up to the abuse? 

What changes will the team consider if the pass protection continues to struggle? 

You've pointed to positives following all four losses, why are those positives not translating to results?

Will you consider benching some of this team's consistently poor performers? 

Why call a time out on 4th-and-28 in the fourth quarter?

Why hasn't preseason success carried over into the regular season? 

Why not use the no huddle offense more? 

You have considerable authority in the process of personnel selection, how would you compare your role in choosing players with that of head coaches in Philly or the New York Giants?