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Rams vs. Redskins: Silver Lining

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What a game, huh? Post game, Spags said he doesn't believe in moral victories. I don't necessarily agree with that, but there won't be a moral victory from this game. Right now the Rams stink. It wasn't hard to envision an 0-4 record before the season started, but no one expected the Rams to lose the way they have been this season.

Once projected as NFC West champions, the Rams are now the walking mat for the league. The Rams will have to pick themselves up if they are going to beat the Packers coming out of their bye week. Hopefully, the Rams can show that they are closer to the 2010 Rams than the 2009 version when we watch them play again. Anyway, let's see if we can find some sort of positives from this game.

Rams pass defense: Justin King only got beaten for one touchdown on a good throw in the end zone. Rex Grossman only threw for 143 yards too. Plus James L and Justin King both got interceptions. A big improvement over last week.

Sam Bradford : Okay I'm always critical of Bradford, but he played a good enough game to win. He put many balls on the money that were dropped, and he got sacked 7 times. He had two bad throws late, but after the pounding he took, how many players would have made the throws?

The other team didn't get 20 points: First time all season that the Ram defense held a team to under 20 points. Which is good enough for most teams to win.

Austin Pettis: The rookie had 4 receptions and 34 yards. He should never field another punt in his career, but I like how he's coming along. If only Salas could crack into the lineup too.

Sam Bradford broke a streak: He had three fumbles for touchdowns the last three weeks. He fumbled against the Redskins, but it wasn't for a touchdown. Not a great streak to have.

Finally time for a bye week: There are so many benefits to this. Rams can spend time working on their offense and playing discipline. The season isn't over, but how many people aren't happy that we have a bye week now? The schedule won't get easier after the bye when the Rams play the Packers and Saints, but the Rams should have a better chance of winning now.