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2012 NFL Draft notes: evening open thread

  Well, it's been an interesting day. Mizzou knocked off Texas A&M in overtime, Michigan State had a very Rams-like offensive outing in a 24-3 beatdown at the hands of Nebraska, and both Arkansas and Virginia Tech survived scares from two relatively poor teams in Vanderbilt and Duke, respectively.

  The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is a good watch right now as I write this; Georgia just scored a TD to go up by four with most of the fourth quarter left. Oklahoma St. has taken advantage of the 11 men Baylor has on the field when the Cowboys have the ball. Usually, that's called a defense, but I don't think that's Baylor's gameplan for those guys - they're giving up more than 32 points per game, for Robert Griffin's sake... And Oklahoma is doing the world a favor by dumping Kansas St. off the list of unbeatens. Some good scouting going down right now.

  And there are four marquee matchups coming up tonight. South Carolina-Tennessee (which I would have had on the watchlist, had time not sped up today...), Clemson-Ga. Tech, Stanford-USC & Wisconsin-Ohio St. I'll take a different tack for Rams fans tuning into the college action tonight.

  If you're looking for WR talent, South Carolina's the obvious option with Alshon Jeffery in action, but the ACC and Big Ten games have some prospects that will factor into the draft on day 3.

  Offensive line scouting aplenty can be had in that Big Ten game, but two top offensive tackles (Jon Martin and Matt Kalil) will be in action out in Cali.

  Interested in defensive tackles? Well it's a weak class, but Clemson's Brandon Thompson is gaining more and more attention as the potential top DT for next year's draft. For a wild card, check out RS sophomore Jordan Kohout on Wisconsin. He's not a day one type, but he's got tons of potential.

  It's not a great quartet for cornerback scouting, but South Carolina's Stephon Gilmore has an NFL cornerback frame at 6'1" and just over 190 lbs. Wisconsin's Marcus Cromartie and USC's Torin Harris are certainly worth a look too.

  So there ya go. No reason not to pick a game or a position tonight with so many potential Rams on the field.