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NFL Draft notes - early college open thread

  So here we are in the last weekend of October. We're now thick into the college football season, the time when tomorrow's NFL players emerge from the pack...or get left behind.

  Right now, I've only got one of today's games on this week's watchlist: Texas A&M-Mizzou, starting at noon on FX.

  On Mizzou's side, there aren't a ton of prospects that I see as a good fit for the Rams. Michael Egnew's a fine tight end, but that's about as low on the Rams' list of needs as anything else. Brad Madison and Jacquies Smith (who's playing some good ball right now) are solid prospects, but I don't think that either offer anything we don't already have in Chris Long and Robert Quinn. The only prospect who really interests me as a Rams fan in the 2012 draft is OLB Zaviar Gooden. He's atheltic and rangy, and has shown some really strong coverage skills in his third year.

  A&M, on the other hand, has plenty of guys to look at from a Rams perspective, not least of all WR Jeff Fuller. He's not a threat downfield, but you could make the case he's the best possession receiver in the draft. He's not incredibly athletic and his acceleration leaves you wanting, but he's got a great frame and runs well both inside and coming back to the ball.

  If you're looking for a player matchup, check out Michigan St.-Nebraska on ESPN and see how Spartan DT Jerel Worthy does against a relatively weak Nebraska interior line. He should be able to maul C Mike Caputo singlehandedly, so expect some help from one of the sophomore guards aside Caputo.

  So drop it off here throughout the day if you're watching college football.