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St. Louis Rams Celebrate The St. Louis Cardinals By Offering $23 Tickets

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The St. Louis Cardinals won the 2011 World Series in dramatic fashion. They rallied twice before David Freese drove a game-winning home run to center field in game 6, and held on to win game 7 last night...something that's requiring some of us to grab an extra cup of coffee this morning, recovering from...the excitement. So how can the city of St. Louis top last night's win? How about a St. Louis Rams game!

In honor of the Cardinals' championship season, the Rams will offer $23 tickets to this week's game versus the New Orleans Saints. Why $23? Because that's the number worn by none other than World Series MVP David Freese, hometown hero, local boy done good.

This week's game against the Saints is also the "Green Game." The Rams will offset all the electricity used at the Dome as well as all fan travel with carbon offsets. That caps off a week in which the Rams have been involved in community efforts to promote environmental awareness through various cleanup and volunteer projects. Rampage even rode the Metro all week as part of the campaign. The Rams will even be using carbon offsets to offset the Saints travel to the game, maybe they can use some carbon offsets to offset New Orleans' touchdowns.