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Patriots Release CB Leigh Bodden

An interesting development out of New England today as the Patriots have released cornerback Leigh Bodden. The reasons for the move still are not clear, but Bodden has been an above average cornerback this season according to some. Could the St. Louis Rams take a look at Bodden as a possible piece in a hastily built emergency secondary? 

It couldn't hurt, given that Justin King is still not practicing after an injury against Dallas last week. Second-year cornerback Marquis Johnson seems likely to come off the PUP list today. A seventh-round pick in 2010, Johnson earned a solid pedigree playing for Nick Saban at Alabama. Of course, Johnson isn't exactly long on experience, having missed most of his rookie year on IR. 

According to Pro Football Focus, Bodden has been a solid cover corner, the best coverage man on a soft Patriots secondary. If the price was right, it wouldn't be a bad addition. He's been dealing with a groin injury. 

HOWEVER, it's worth remembering that the Rams have no quick fixes. Bodden may boost their corners, but he can't possibly fill all the other holes this team has.