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St. Louis Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams: A Tale of Two Teams

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If you missed Game 6 of the World Series, I sincerely feel sorry for you. Last night's game was one of the most exciting games ever played in a World Series (in one of the best World Series' in recent memory). But the game made it quite clear that unlike the Cardinals, who, borrowing from an old Mariners slogan, "Refuse to Lose," the Rams quite simply refuse to win.

Hit the jump and let me explain myself.

The problem we've seen with the Rams all along (and no, it isn't missed tackles, because that doesn't happen) is that they seemingly lose against themselves. We saw it against the Giants, when they gave up after a costly fumble that was returned for a touchdown. The Redskins game is another example. The Rams could have easily come from behind after only allowing 17 points, but they seemingly refuse to move the ball forward inside the red zone.

It must make Rams fans feel ridiculous about their teams lack of comeback ability when their baseball brethren, the St. Louis Cardinals, faced so many do-or-die situations that I can't even remember how many times they stayed the executioner's axe. Seriously, if any Rangers fans want to compare themselves to a team that just can't finish the job, look no further than the Rams. Worse then that, it feels as though the 4th quarter is just the Rams weekly dose of Play60, where the opposing team (NFL Professionals) do some light exercise with kids (Rams Players).

I just wish once one of the Rams players would sound like David Freese, who said this after the game:

"...But we fought back, we made some mistakes early on, but the way the Cardinals and we’ve all have been playing lately, you expect to come back like this. This is just a good feeling and I’m pumped were playing tomorrow."

Pumped up to be playing tomorrow? After listening to Spagnuolo's post game pressers, you'd think the Rams would rather be writing haiku's or working in a garden. The lack of urgency isn't bad because Spagnuolo isn't screaming at the team, it's bad because there is zero passion. To fans who live for Sunday, thinking your team just couldn't give a damn is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Just once, I wish the Rams had players and coaches who were vocal leaders. There comes a point when passive, silent leadership just won't advance a team to where it needs to be. How awesome would it be if you had a Rams player saying, "I'm pumped and wish we played tomorrow." The worst part about the losing streak now is that you won't hear it. I guarantee it.

Perhaps it's like Tony LaRussa sticking with Jon Jay, who was batting a big goose egg when he finally got his first hit and kept the Cardinals alive late in the game. Maybe the Rams are like Jon Jay, with a coach who has enough faith in them to stick with them until the late quarters of the games and to take the heat for their lackadaisical attitude on the field. Then again, Jon Jay came through in the clutch.

I just wish I could say the same for the Rams...