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Pivotal Month For Spagnuolo, Devaney

Among the things of things that won't surprise you, a report today from Pro Football Weekly cites a St. Louis Rams team insider that says Steve Spagnuolo and Billy Devaney are on the hot seat. Going beyond the obvious, this report puts a timeline on things. According to the source in the PFW report, the next month is a pivotal one in the future of the franchise. 

From the report:

"I wouldn't say 'officially,' with the owner (Stan Kroenke) having gone totally underground, but it's pretty obvious," one longtime team insider told PFW. "I mean, they're (near the bottom) in all the major categories on both offense and defense.

"They really need to make some hay in these next four or five games."

The schedule brings the Saints to town this week. It looks like Sam Bradford will be out for that game, which has led for a few of the conspiracy theorists out there to wonder if the coaches weren't holding him out for an extra excuse. Bogus. That might hold water if the rest of the team, particularly the defense, weren't playing so poorly. 

After the Saints game, the Rams travel to Arizona for a much more level matchup against the struggling Cardinals. They go to Cleveland the week after that before returning home for a pair of NFC West matchups with the Seahawks and Cardinals. It's definitely not on par with the first half of their schedule, but the way the team is playing, nothing should be taken for granted.