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Fantasy Football Over and Under Achievers

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Hello Fantasy Football Fans, 

Here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN.   We will not be writing 20 paragraphs about my personal life, personal fantasy football stories, and love life as I expect no one gives a crap and only want qualified information.  Last week we had a rough go of it with an 8-8 in the Underachievers and 6-7 in the Overachievers.   Let’s get to the rankings:



·         Christian Ponder (22)- He made more big plays in one game than Donovan McNabb did the past 2 years and gets an awful Carolina Panthers defense.

·         Joe Flacco (12) - He is coming off an awful Monday night performance but the Arizona Cardinal defense is the prescription to get better.

·         Lance Ball (44)- He is now the goal line option and with Detroit struggling to stop the run he should be able to get you some bye week points.

·         Roy Helu (30)- He led the Washington RB’s in snaps last week and with Tim Hightower out for the year his role should expand.

·         Peyton Hillis (27) – The 49ers defense is very strong but a well rested Hillis will get plenty of opportunity.

·         Michael Jenkins (35)- He was the #1 option for Ponder last week and should continue getting a ton of targets.

·         Antonio Brown (32) –Hines Ward is injured and the Patriots awful 32nd ranked pass defense waits.

·         Jabar Gaffney (26)- The Bills are another shaky pass defense and John Beck did not look awful last week.

·         Daniel Fells (19) –He was Tim Tebow’s favorite target last week.





·         Matt Schaub (9) - Jacksonville has been playing good defense the past 6 quarters and I expect a run heavy attack for the Texans.

·         Philip Rivers (10) –He looks injured and is not close to where he was last week.

·         Andy Dalton (15) –He has played very well but now has to go to maybe the toughest place to play in the NFL.

·         Maurice Jones Drew (9) –With his 4 fumbles last week, they may shy away from a ton of touches and try to win on the arm of Blaine Gabbert.

·         Daniel Thomas (16) –He has had one good game, is now banged up and playing against a now healthy New York Giants defense.

·         Ryan Torain (17) –He gave you negative point totals last week, look anywhere else.

·         Knowshon Moreno (20) –He is not well liked by this staff and expect a lot more Tim Tebow running than himself.

·         Montario Hardesty (21) - He looked like he was running in quicksand with his under 3 yards a carry last week.

·         Bernard Scott (23) – He is the #1 RB but playing a tough Seattle Seahawks run defense at home is a tough task.

·         Deangelo Williams (29) –He has not gotten over 12 carries all year.

·         Vincent Jackson (8) - He still does not look healthy and nor does the Chargers passing game.

·         Dez Bryant (11) – He usually disappears in the 2nd half and I can see the Eagles forcing the passes somewhere else the entire game.

·         Pierre Garcon (20) – I would stay away from any Colts players.

·         Mario Manningham (21) – He has been a shell of himself compared to last year and Victor Cruz has cut into his targets.

·         Sidney Rice (22) – He is another guy who does not look right health wise and of course his QB’s are terrible.

·         Reggie Wayne (25) – Colts passing game is terrible.




 Make sure you check your byes.  That is it for this week; we will be back early next week for the weekly free agent pickups and feel free to follow me on Twitter-dvond for any fantasy questions.


Fantasy Mike