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Random Ramsdom 10/27/2011


The links! The links! They are finally up and ready for you to feast upon. Gaze upon the plethora (a word I think is all too often unused) of links I am bestowing before you.


Hit the jump and read them.

LA Rams ripping STL Rams. Again.

On one hand, I'd tell Jack Youngblood that hey, the Rams can do whatever the heck they want to do. It's not your team. But on the second hand, he has a point. Would it be so bad if they used players like him to market to the fans? It has to be better than Ram Rules.

Bears Release Chris Harris

Would it be total irony if the Rams picked him up? Do they even have the money to pick him up? We'll see...stay tuned.

Sando and the LuckWatch

Yes, Sando throws out a scenario where the Rams trade away Bradford. But hear him out! What former offensive coordinator who is now a head coach with a GM who loves QB's and a team that is stocked with draft picks would want his old QB?

The Chris Chamberlain Story: Uncut, Unedited, Raw

O.K., that title was a bit of a stretch. But you can't help but say this guy has made an impression on the team. And with a name like Chambo...well, lets just say the first rule about Chambo is that you don't talk about Chambo.

Rams sign Mark LeVoir

He is primarily the replacement for Jason Smith, and took the spot Jabara Williams once had. Hopefully he will add a little consistency to the line.

Rams No Longer Committed to Youth Movement

This is a great read over at Ramsherd. It's sad to see how far the Rams have fallen.

Bradford Still in Boot, Still Not Looking Good

Three cheers for AJ Feeley vs. the Saints! Will it be a good thing if the Rams limit them to 45 points?


That's all for today guys. Go Rams!