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Bears Release Safety Chris Harris

The Chicago Bears have released safety Chris Harris, according to reports this morning. Chicago put Harris on the trade block last week, but never found any takers. The hard hitting safety should find a job relatively quickly. It makes you wonder if a team in desperate need of some help in the secondary might take a chance, a team like the St. Louis Rams

Chicago traded safety Kevin Payne to the Rams after acquiring Harris in 2010. Harris was originally drafted by the Bears in 2006, traded to the Panthers in 2007, then traded back to Chicago last year. Harris ended up on the bench after a Monday night loss to the Lions earlier this month. He sat the next game, but was back on the field last week. 

Harris is more of a strong safety, but has done well in zone coverage in the past. He can also deliver hits and make tackles. Safety has been a big problem for the Rams this year, one of many big problems for the team. Darian Stewart and Craig Dahl have played poorly, missing tackles and rarely being in position. 

While Harris probably would improve the Rams, the truth of the matter is that this team is far beyond the point where one player move is going to solve the problems that have them at a particularly ugly 0-6.