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2012 NFL Draft notes: Connecticut Vs. Pittsburgh College Football Open Thread

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  The last vestiges of what was known as the Big East are still flickering, embers in the dirt fading into the twilight of tomorrow before even breathing that breath before the last. What?  What do you mean politicians? Like actual politicians?

  So let me get this straight. The NCAA, a fraudulent systems that pimps young adults for its own coffers off the back of the BCS, a subsidiary pimpilation designed to ensure that the most well-funded and historically successful pimps have the easiest route to maximum pimping, and enormous TV contracts, managed by the now-culpable broadcast/analysis/reporting behemoth arm of Disney that is THE ESPN, is being overpimped by the pimping kings, our federal government?! Jesus, just put some damn football on TV so I can forget about football for a while.

  Tonight, Connecticut, last year's Big East champion by default and da faults of others (hehe), takes on Pittsburgh, who is gleefully approaching a day when they are no longer shackled by the Big East's handcuffs of football suckitude. If you're looking for a rundown of prospects to watch, Dan from Mocking the Draft's draft notes are the perfect couchside authority to reference.

  It's not on this week's watchlist, and normally I wouldn't post an open thread for it. But with the last game of the World Series (ehhehehehehe) postponed until tomorrow, I figured this was suddenly an attractive viewing option for those of you who aren't interested in Survivor: South Pacific (I actually had to look that up, because I couldn't even tell you what's on TV besides Boardwalk Empire).

  If you're looking for an even better way to spend your evening, might I suggest calling in to Turf Show Radio at 9pmET? That would just be stupendous!