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TST Mailbag: disappointment, coaching questions, and that stupid world series trip.

You ask the questions and we have the answers. Hit the jump for this weeks mailbag.

Gilbert Carey Yeah, will the Rams keep the Saints under 60 points

Josh: Probably not, but we can always dream right?

MoeMoney MoeProblems Yeah fire all front office.......its called making us fans happy someone needs to pay for this messy season.

Josh: I wouldn't say that we should fire EVERYONE in the front office but it's sure looking like there are going to be quite a few changes for next season.

Imi Fanene any chance bradford gets the O.K this week & do u guys think coach spags is in the hot seat this year?

Josh: Bradford has a decent chance of playing this week, but I wouldn't be surprised if he sat out against the Saints. If there is any doubt that he's ready to go, look for Feely to start because the Rams clearly don't want to take any chances of losing Bradford for a long period of time. And yes, Spags is absolutely on the hot seat.

Mike Hospodar Who will be our next head coach.

Josh: It's too early to tell if Spags is going to get fired, but if he does, I hope we get Rob Ryan. Right now there isn't really a favorite for who is going to be the head coach next season.

Chris Kuykendall Spags may be all but gone, but what about McDaniels? Is he safe for another year?

Josh: I would say that McDaniels is probably safe for another year. I know the offense has performed poorly, but McDaniels has a pretty complex offensive system, and the lockout didn't exactly help the players learn it.

Turf Show Times over under on Spags saying he liked the effort but the team just didn't execute in the post game presser? -Eric

Josh: There is a 100% chance of this happening.

Joshua Michael Kelley Remember when we were excited about rams football? Now it's three angry hours that I'll never get back.

Josh: I'm still excited about rams football, but I'm already excited for next season. This season sucks.

Eddy Castillo-Bonilla Should they fire spags, who would make the right coach?
I'm getting sick of the embarrassment season after season.

Josh: I definitely think Rob Ryan would make a great head coach. This team needs passion and discipline, and Ryan would provide those things.

Turf Show Times Should TST go on strike, until the Rams win a game? -Tevin

Josh: Sadly, yes. We should do more of an occupy rams park thing though, and demand that our 99% (the fans) should be in charge. Then TST could take over the front office.

Joe Baccamazzi Why do we still watch?

Josh: Because we all obviously have some sort of sick torture fetish.

Danny Eric Escobar How is Robert Quinn doing?

Josh: He hasn't been doing great, but he hasn't been horrible either. He is showing some nice burst off the edge though, and we knew when we drafted him that he would be a project. He should still end up being a great player.

Nathan Cheadle First of all the Rams are now called the Lambs until they win a game. Oh yes, and what do you think is a good percent chance that Spags is not the coach at the beginning of next season?

Josh: I'll go with a 50% chance.

Mike Tockgo Question for all you Rams homers: how many players have we drafted in the last five years that have been successful in the league?(exception, Chris Long) to of my head, I can't think of one guy! That's how bad we draft!!

Josh: Top of my head, Long, Bradford, Laurinaitis, Fletcher, Saffold (to an extent.). I agree that we have drafted pretty poorly, but those guys will all ahave success with the Rams.

Ross McCooey Will Steve Spagnuolo ever stop being the players' buddy and begin being their coach? I don't recall Chuck Knoll, Mike Ditka or Don Shula i.e. some of the best coaches in the game, ever taking the team to a baseball game the night before their winless team has a game.

Josh: That World series trip has been blown waaaaay out of proportion. That had literally zero impact on the outcome of the game.

Ross McCooey Great to see Brandon LLoyd play with some passion/frustration. How is the new guy the most visibly distressed about the effort around the team? Where's the fire that King Sam pretty much promised after our 'terrible 7-9 season'?

Josh: I have no idea why this team is playing without any passion. It is the single most frustrating aspect of the season so far.

Ross McCooey Should Kroenke call Bill Cowher about next year? At least he seems to care about the Rams getting some Ws and not about some baseball game.

Josh: I doubt Cowher would want to come coach the rams, but if he does, then hell yes he should call him.

Robert Buchanan III Are the Rams going to bring back Na'il Diggs and Larry Grant? Are the Rams actually considering drafting a CB,OL and DT? because those positions are the weak spots on the team.

Josh: There is no chance of Diggs or Grant coming back. I think at this pint, we are considering drafting players at pretty much every position.

Adnan Hüssaini Can we give the second string QB job to Albert Pujols?

Josh: I wish.