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Random Ramsdom: Brunch Time links


Oh don't you guys just love to have a college student responsible for a morning post?  Especially one who stays up till one in the morning and has a class at 9 so that he can't wake up in time for Random Ramsdom.  Let's just get to the links shall we?

From STs to starting LB

Jim Thomas had a nice article about Chris Chamberlain, who is now the weak side starting linebacker for the Rams after they decided to bench Ben Leber.  He has always been a great special teams player, and honestly that was one of the only reasons he has been on the roster the last few years.  He was seen as a guy who could never really be a starting LB, but he might just be starting to prove people wrong.  He has played well in replacement of Leber.  Last week he had six tackles and I'm rooting for him to keep up his performance.  I love special teams guys finally getting a shot at the starting lineup.

Roundtable: Rams defense

The Post Dispatch had its weekly roundtable and the subject was the Rams biggest disappointment.  3 of the 4 writers cited the Rams defense in some way.  This is very disappointing considering that our defense was very good last year and they were supposed to take a leap this year.

Rams release Jabara Williams

The Rams released Williams today.  I'm rather confused about this move, because all I've heard is good things about Jabara.   Also I don't know who we replaced him with.  Very sad that the team gave up on a player with a lot of promise before he ever really got a shot.

That's all for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!