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Sam Bradford Injury: Slim Chance Rams QB Will Play This Week

The St. Louis Rams may be without quarterback Sam Bradford for the second week in a row. Bradford is still dealing with a high ankle sprain that kept him out of action against Dallas last week. The Rams host the Saints this week, and A.J. Feeley would get the start in Bradford's place. 

Bradford tried to play last week, testing his ankle on Friday. It proved too sore for him to make even the limited motions required of a quarterback. Still wearing a boot and limping, Bradford will test his ankle at practice today. 

Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch gave Bradford a mere 25 percent chance of playing this week. High ankle sprains often take four to six weeks for recovery. The initial prognosis on Bradford was more optimistic. Adam Schefter reported early last week that he would play against Dallas. 

With the season already lost, the Rams would be foolish to push their starting quarterback into the lineup against the Saints this week. Even if the Rams had a realistic chance of winning the game, putting Bradford at risk could result in the ultimate Pyrrhic victory. It would also jeopardize the team's chances for salvaging some dignity over the remainder of the season with an easier schedule, something the embattled coaching staff desperately needs to have any hope of sticking around for 2012.