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Game Ball of the Week: DeMarco Murray

How do you look at the St. Louis Rams loss last week to the Dallas Cowboys and not give the game ball to anyone else but rookie running back DeMarco Murray. His 253 rushing yards set a Dallas franchise record for the most in a single game. It also set a new benchmark for the most rushing yards allowed to a single rusher by the Rams defense, in the entire history of a franchise that dates back to 1937. 

Almost any running back could have done what Murray did against the Rams with the way the Rams defense played. Murray got plenty of help from the Rams defense missing tackles, something that apparently has just now become a problem for the team. This unit is well on its way to being the worst run defense in the history of the franchise by any number of statistical measures.

Still, the Rams ridiculous defensive efforts aside, Murray deserves recognition for his feat. 

You can see a video of Murray's run and all the missed tackles right here.