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Putting Steve Spagnuolo's 2011 season in context

 Steve Spagnuolo is a popular recipient of recent criticism. Why? Because he hasn't done a great job at coaching the St. Louis Rams this season. But hey, there are two sides to every story.

  With that in mind, here are several people and things that Steve Spagnuolo has outcoached this season:

The spit from the mouth of Lou Holtz


Mega Man

Megaman_medium (via)

This old pair of shoes

Old-shoes_medium (via)

More things (and people) Steve Spagnuolo has outcoached after the jump.

This sack of potatoes

Sackpot_medium (via)

Craig James, (who is fighting rumors that Craig James killed five hookers while he was at SMU)

C_2bjames_medium (via)

This incredibly professional and serious dog


Allstar Seaworthy

Allstar_medium (via)

Benjamin Disraeli

Disraeli_medium (via)

This pile of used Kleenex


This branch on a beach during a beautiful sunset that makes you think about God and life and your failures and all that good stuff

Tree-branch-on-beach_medium (via)

  So see? There are all kinds of people and things who are doing a worse job at coaching an NFL team than Steve Spagnuolo. You guys just needed to hear both sides.