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St. Louis Rams Round Table: When will the Rams win their first game?

It's not looking good for the St. Louis Rams this season. The Rams have been outcoached, outplayed, and suffered many injuries. This year was supposed to be a rough season, with a brutal first half, but no one thought the Rams would look this bad.

You know it's bad for a team, when you draft your franchise quarterback and now people are calling for the Rams to draft another quarterback in Luck. Or when most of your free agent pickups hasn't made an impact this season.

Things have gotten so bad, that now people are asking for the current regime head, which I don't blame anyone for. If your team hasn't won a game at this point in the season, you have to think that the team will get a top 10 or even a top 5 pick.

Instead of asking what the Rams record will be, or will they beat the Saints, I decided to ask a different question to the staff. The question was simple, when will the Rams win a game?

Here's the remaining schedule, for you guys to chime in, and tell us when the Rams will win one.

It has to be a game vs the Cardinals or the Seahawks.  If the Rams don't play well against the Cardinals, in the week 9 game, it might be the end of Spags era in St. Louis.




I cannot predict a Rams victory this season the way things are looking, and I am dead serious. WR use to be the biggest concern. Now I wish that were the only problem.


I'll say week 9 at Arizona. With a one-loss Cardinals team heading to Baltimore this weekend, the Rams-Cards game should feature two hungry teams who don't have many wins left to be had on the schedule.

I will say game 4 2012, we will be 1 for Suck for Luck

Mike Dietrich

A game versus Arizona or Seattle maybe....just one though.

Eddie P

The first Rams win of the season will happen against Arizona. It may also be listed as the worst game on the TV schedule that weekend? The Rams match up well against the Cardinals. Their OL is dismal, and the DL isn't worthy of remark. Fitz could have a big day, but we'll win the game 27-13. 
Douglas M

I'll say the Browns on the road and the Seahawks at home are the two best upcoming shots.  I go ahead of predict a win over the Browns.

Brick Top


In all seriousness, it's getting harder and harder to predict for the Rams. In Rams terms, they didn't play that bad against the Green Bay Packers, but then they were destroyed the next week by the far inferior Dallas Cowboys team.

If they are to win a game, it's going to be the against the Browns.