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Jason Smith Injury: Rams OT Avoids "Major Damage"

St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Jason Smith looked like he suffered a very serious injury today against the Dallas Cowboys. Smith hit his head and neck pretty hard on the leg of a Dallas defender in the first quarter. He left the game on a stretcher and was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. Fortunately for Smith and the Rams, Smith appears to have avoided what could have been a devastating injury. 

According to the team, tests on Smith revealed "no major damage." He has a strained neck and a possible concussion, but he will return with the team on the flight back to St. Louis tonight. 

You can see a video of the hit here

It's a huge relief. Nobody wants to see a football player suffer that kind of injury. Hopefully Smith can get healthy again soon, but we'll see how things progress. This is the second time he suffered a concussion as a pro. 

Defensive tackle Darell Scott also suffered a head and neck injury. His tests were negative for anything serious. 

It continues a season marked by serious injuries for the Rams.