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VIDEO: Bill Cowher Criticizes Steve Spagnuolo For World Series Trip

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Controversy or not, I guess we'll see depending on the outcome of today's game when the St. Louis Rams take on the Dallas Cowboys. Earlier I mentioned that CBS analyst and former NFL head coach Bill Cowher chided Steve Spagnuolo for taking his team to see a World Series game in Texas last night, rather than preparing for the Dallas game. 

Specifically, Cowher noted that Spagnuolo was starting A.J. Feeley, and that rather than watching baseball, they ought to be watching tape of Rob Ryan's Dallas defense. 

Feeley took all the first team reps in practice this week, with Sam Bradford sidelined with a high ankle sprain. Was that enough prep time? In terms of practicing, that was all they had. Based on the habits of others at Rams Park, you can be sure they spent plenty of time with the film, even though it rarely looks like it. This is mostly a non-controversy, but we'll see how the game goes today. 

Video of Cowher on Spagnuolo after the jump.

We'll see how the game goes.