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Sam Bradford Out; Why Not A.J. Feeley?

The St. Louis Rams are part of the afternoon slate of games that features some of the most lopsided affairs of the season. Week 7 in the NFL is kind of a let down after some dizzying highs in the weeks prior. For the Rams, dizzying highs consist of scoring 10 points, something that seems even more difficult with quarterback Sam Bradford on the bench this week nursing a high ankle sprain. 

For the handful of people dissing the decision to not push Bradford through it; don't be stupid. The Rams' season is over, there is absolutely no need to injure the one piece of offensive competence the team has. That settled, let's move on to the discussion at hand.

Just what kind of chances do the Rams have with A.J. Feeley at quarterback? Could it really be any worse than the offense we've seen so far? Probably not. One positive in the Rams offense that has been overlooked is that Bradford isn't throwing very many interceptions, just two on the season so far. Of course, they have given up plenty of costly fumbles. 

Feeley actually has a decent receiver to work with now that Brandon Lloyd is here. They also may pull in the passing game, shorten things a little bit. That could benefit the tight ends and Greg Salas, who looked competent himself last week. 

And there's also Steven Jackson. I realize much has changed since 2008, when the Rams last beat the Cowgirls. In that game, Steven Jackson ran for 160 yards on 25 carries. He also scored three touchdowns. He should be A.J. Feeley's best friend today. 

So can the Rams win? Maybe. The Cowgirls have a strange tendency for self-destruction. Ultimately, the matchup of Al Harris and Justin King against Miles Austin and Dez Bryant will probably have much more to say about the outcome than Bradford or Feeley.