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2012 NFL Draft notes - evening college open thread

  Well, LSU didn't drop the ball. Bama's up next, but watchlist things first.

  I've updated this weekend's watchlist with one more game: Washington at Stanford. Some decent WRs to be scouted in Washington's Jermaine Kearse and Stanford's Chris Owusu. And offensive line and TE talent abounds in this one too. Definitely worth checking in, starting at 8pm on ABC in some areas (other ABC affliates will show OU-Texas Tech). Check out the MTD draft notes on this one too. There are two other games with more immediate national championship implications, if you're into that sort of thing.

  Wisconsin is on the fast track to the Big Ten championship if they get by Michigan St. tonight. As always, it's Wisconsin's offensive line that deserves the focus of scouting efforts. But if there's a reason for Rams fans to tune in, it's Jerel Worthy, who both buckeye and I put at 3rd overall on our DT big boards.

  Lastly, and most immediate given the lede, is Bama-Tennessee. It's not worth listing Bama's prospects here; just pick someone on defense.

  So drop it all off here tonight as you finish off another college football Saturday.